Your Contract to Yourself

This is the final step of poking around in your head before the business planning nitty-gritty (research and development). We are going to write your contract to yourself. It is vital we go through the yards of examining your underlying intentions – examining, confirming and building the psychological foundations for you to survive and grow in the long-term.

My Contract to Me

Remember to write the contract in your product notebook. You will date and sign this contract as a commitment to what you have written. You contract to yourself is a binding document to your own self-confidence. You must be true to yourself and authentic to the lines you write in your own personal business contract.

You will repeat and rewrite all our previous steps when you are composing this contract to yourself.

  1. Write a description of your product or service and the problem it solves. At the end of that paragraph, describe the customers that your business will serve as you previously brainstormed.
  2. Write a definite launch date for your business. Be realistic and not too optimistic.
  3. The next paragraph is about self-realization and empowerment. Here you will write something in your own words that would convey your need to ask for help. You cannot know everything, and even if you did – there won’t be enough time in the world to do them all. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.
  4. The next paragraph will state that only YOU can RENDER THIS CONTRACT CANCELLED AND VOID. No other external factors and no other people can persuade you otherwise. Only you can make the final choice.
  5. Restate your personal and external purpose. This will concrete your intentions and hopes for the future.


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