Brainstorm Session 1: Your Business

This is the first brainstorm session for your business. When you brainstorm don’t shoot down and criticize any ideas you have: don’t worry if they are lame or too “different”. Think positively and jot down any idea that comes to mind. Don’t forget to record these brainstorming sessions inside your notebook.

The first brainstorm is for your business name. Write down the potential names you have previously thought about your business.

Next brainstorm your customers. Who will be your business’ customers? Who would be interested in purchasing your products and services? Will they be teenagers, Gen Xers, Generation Y, Baby Boomers, people who live in a certain area, business owners or people who love sport?

Next brainstorm your distribution: Where will you sell your product or service? Will you sell it at the stadium? From a network of franchise stores? Or from the internet?

Finally brainstorm about how your business would promote your product or service. Will you use listings in the local directory? TV advertising or print?

This first brainstorm session of your business would put some initial thoughts in order – letting you record your thoughts for future reference as well as gain some further insights into your future dream business.


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