A Notebook is An Important Tool

The first step in planning a small business a acquiring a notebook. The notebook will be an important tool in the planning process, helping you to form ideas, take note of ideas and to record ideas so you are accountable for any decisions you make about your upcoming small business.

Your notebook can be a spiral notebook or loose leaf paper contained in a folder. It all depends on personal preference. (Remember high school?) A spiral notebook will always keep your notes in chronological order and all together. A loose leaf paper style with folder/binder will allow you to re-arrange notes as needed.

Remember to always bring your notebook with you as it is your most important tool. You can write down fresh ideas, observations and revelations. It is also an important document which records your personal development process of your small business. Finally the notebook acts as your shield. It gives you, the entrepreneur, peace of mind that all your ideas are safely contained in one compendium (!).


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