Copying a Business Concept

We’re still on the topic for generating a small business concept and today we’re exploring the idea of copying a business concept. Think about and brainstorm the businesses that are currently successful on the market. Perhaps you can add your own twist to the same business idea the current players have provided.

So where can you get ideas of copying a successful business concept or model? Well, there are plenty of places to discover and uncover real gems of ideas… Traveling will almost certainly expose you to new ideas and different ways of doing things. There may be an opportunity of replicating a business concept which works overseas into your home country. Other places you can look are your local shipping centre’s or shopping malls, your national (or an international) patent office, trade associations, conferences and expos. Finally you can visit your local newsagent or bookstore to peruse over trade journals and magazines. Any number of these methods will expose you to business concepts you can copy and imitate – then add your own take or twist to the idea.


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