Combining Existing Business Concepts

We’re looking at combining business concepts, the final way you can generate a business concept. We’ve had a look at spotting a gap in the market and copying that business concept. There are a few ways you can combine business ideas: you can merge different elements of multiple business disciplines such as the creation some sort of multidisciplinary services management company or you combine two major ideas such as internet and TV and get an idea like YouTube.

There are many businesses that combine business concepts which already exist. Many combine ideas and solutions to give an alternative or an improvement upon their competitor’s offerings. Many existing companies now are combining and expanding their own offerings into other serving other disciplines. Take Google for example, they are expanding from search engine services to content provision via free maps and other informational tools like email and calendars. However, for the small business startup, it would be wise to create a combined product or service which you can solely focus upon – be wary of spreading yourself thinly from the beginning.


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