GMAT Prep – Tips and Tricks

GMAT is exciting, challenging and a must conquer target for the many examinees who target it every year with ambitions of getting admission in to leading B-Schools (Business Schools).

The top B-Schools weigh in the GMAT scores the highest while evaluating a candidate for admission into their respective institutions. Therefore acing the GMAT exams becomes the top priority for the many B-School management program aspirants who burn the midnight oil during their GMAT preparations.

A perfect GMAT prep has to be systematic, in sync with the past trends, rehearsed through mock online tests, based on GMAT books and then polished through ones hard-work and determination to be at the top. GMAT is a tough exam which demands from an examinee not just passing marks but scores which are as near to the perfect score of 800. GMAT prep therefore has to be methodical and followed religiously to ensure one meets this all important objective of nearing as close as possible to the perfect score.

There are many different ways to approach a GMAT exam. Popular study mediums include:

A. Self Study

B. Forming like-minded study groups

C. Private Coaching

Whatever your chosen path of study medium, it is the focus and the determination to succeed which will get you there. An ideal GMAT prep largely focuses on reference books, online mock tests and GMAT tips which can be taken from the internet. However, care must be taken to ensure the person providing the tips on GMAT prep is a GMAT teacher of repute and preferably a past diver of the GMAT ocean who has taken and topped the GMAT exam before.

Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is a crucial milestone which confronts every Business school aspirant. Students who nurture the dream of getting into the management programmes offered by top B-schools find the GMAT obstacle often a hard one to cross.

A GMAT test evaluates a candidates mathematical, verbal and analytical writing abilities and also prepares him for admission in to a management programme in a B-School. GMAT scores are weighed in the most by leading business schools in deciding on the candidature of an applicant. Such is the importance of GMAT scores that even getting good passing GMAT scores does you no good.

Your GMAT tests should be on the higher side and as close as possible to the perfect GMAT score of 800. GMAT prep therefore should be a focused and practical approach which should include a GMAT test schedule revolving around mock GMAT sample test to get yourself acquainted with the online adaptive nature of the exam.

Taking reference from GMAT books is also a good way to strengthen your GMAT prep and achieve the ultimate objective of getting a high GMAT score. There are now many good GMAT books available in the market which can help you scale up your GMAT prep. One has to be very careful in picking up the right GMAT books. Consulting a GMAT guru or someone who has already conquered the GMAT can most certainly help.

It is therefore a given that one must have a methodical GMAT prep in place in order to conquer the GMAT and get GMAT scores on the higher sides. The GMAT tips therefore would include mock online GMAT tests, reference from GMAT books, consulting GMAT gurus, mastering time management skills, etc.


To be a GMAT winner all you need now is a self drafted schedule which you follow devotedly to ensure that you have a 700+ winning GMAT strategy in place. I hope this article is like an eye-opener for you and helps you in your GMAT prep. First get that in order, my best wishes are with you and I hope you put the fear and anxiety aside when you take on your GMAT exam.








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