Choosing a Name for your Business

If you are choosing a business name there are a few things to check out first and a few things to consider.

In considering your business name you need to think about the following factors: –

  • Relevance – make sure the name is relevant to the services or products you are offering, this makes for a search engine friendly name;
  • User-friendly – make sure the name is not a twenty character conglomeration of all your possible ideas, make it snappy and easy for people to remember;
  • Take the time to check out key word hits to see how many people search for particular words every day that are relevant to your business – this can really help in formulating a search engine and user friendly name;
  • Check out that the name is not already in use or that the name is not closely related to one being currently used as this reduces your liability issues – see below for how to check this out.

You will need to check with your local, state and federal authorities on whether the business name has already been taken – for most countries you can either do this online or at through a government agency. The second step is to check out your online competition, through domain and Internet searches to ensure that you will not clash with an already established business.

Make sure you chose a name you can live with and that will still be relevant with any growth or expansion of your business – think long term to ensure you don’t have to go through any losses due to re-branding later on.







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