Email for your home business

Most clients expect an ease of access and communication through email in today’s business environment. Email traffic for businesses is both a bonus and a concern. In order to stay accessible and maintain your client communication you both need to set up a reliable source for your email and make sure that you manage your email communication effectively.

The best approach is to set up a specific email address for your business, you can either do this through your current Internet Service Provider or through your website hosting  service. Make sure that the address is visually friendly, not too complicated and that you can be sure of the reliability of the service you subscribe to. It is disastrous for a business to lose email communication because their provider is unreliable. Check with your current service provider as you may have the option of having several email addresses under your account.

NEVER DO THIS: Be careful of creating accounts through hotmail, yahoo or other generic web services, as this may call into question the legitimacy of your business or limit the size of the files you can accept or send with your clients.

Set yourself a guideline that you strictly follow for responding to any queries or ongoing client relationships. A good timeline is a 24 hour response and if you are going to be inaccessible to let your client database know for how long and if there are other ways they can contact you. Set up a user friendly system on your email manager to file and retrieve emails for your business, along with archiving systems for any projects that have been completed.

Stay connected and keep those client relationships ongoing through reliable communication.







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