How Do I make an Effective Presentation

The way in which information is presented will also affect the value that the audience put on it. If the presentation is unplanned or unprofessional then this may reduce its impact. There are some situations where informal presentation of information is acceptable – in brainstorming sessions for example. Mostly however the way that the information is presented will affect the audience’s perception of the message.

If a company is trying to attract new investors, then a well planned presentation in a comfortable auditorium, making use of screen projectors to display computer generated slides will impress an audience of potential investors better than hand-drawn diagrams on a flip chart presented in a cold, run-down hall. A slick, fast moving presentation emphasizing confidence in the company prospects would also help. However a local charity trying to raise money for a good cause might shy away from a high-tech presentation because they could perceive that the intended audience would be alienated by it.

The method of presenting information, the media used and the surroundings should be chosen with the audience in mind and may in fact be just as important as the information that is being presented






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