Processes – The Fun 7 Pees of Marketing

Cover this Pee, and you’ve covered all the other Pees of Marketing. Product, Price, Place, Promotion, People, and Physical Evidence come together as part of a process to make each customer experience perfect.

Aim for smooth business operations – Marketing and Processes

Make a service blueprint that lets you plan everything down to the last drop…

The service/product features, the appropriate price, the store’s décor, and design,

The way your workers greet customers, their uniforms, order registration and delivery time,

The feigned patience with which workers should handle customer complaints,

you get the picture.

Foresee any contingencies to prevent…

Inventory stock outs, workplace accidents,

Pathetic service quality,

Slippery floors that make customers dance in funny ways.

Contingency planning requires you to figure out the possible risks that affect you. Look at your environment (external and internal) and plan accordingly…

If you run a gym in an area that faces frequent power outages, invest in a back-up generator.

If your head chef runs away with your head waitress, make sure your other staff steps up without customers noticing the food stinks.

One point of a service blueprint is to prevent hiccups in your business operations. The other is…

Maximize the quality of your product or service

If you document and run everything as per your service blueprint, you can quickly notice any bottlenecks and other quality improvement issues. If your carpenter takes two days too long to construct tables, hire two. If you keep running out of hair spray at the salon, save an extra box in your … store, of course.

When customers complain about broken furniture or armpit hair in their soup, you’ll know exactly whom to blame and fire.

Alternatively, re-train.

This marketing tool creeps into other organizational functions and makes marketing a firm-wide concern.






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