Making the MBA Admission Essay Writing Process a Fun Experience

Writing an MBA admission essay may mean writing and revising your drafts for over weeks or even months.  Some dread the writing process because they are at a loss on how to convince the admissions panel that they should be accepted in the MBA school through a two or three-page essay.  However, writing your MBA admission essay shouldn’t feel like torture.  There are ways on how you can make the entire writing process a fun experience.  Here are some tips:

Do what motivates you

Before you grab that pen and paper or stare at a blank computer screen, try to do what inspires or motivates you.  This could be a walk in the park, a movie date with your loved one, or a bonding moment with your family.  By doing something that motivates you, you are stirring up your creative juices.  You can even do your hobby, such as painting or drawing before you start working on your admission essay draft.  Once your creative juices are stirred, you can think of a more creative way to grab your readers’ attention through your admission essay.

Think of experiences that have inspired you

Any experience or event that had a significant impact on you is something worth thinking about when writing your statement for MBA school.  Such experiences can serve as a springboard when thinking of a topic for your admission essay.  If a very motivating experience made you realize that you want to pursue a master’s in business administration, then it’s probably a good topic for your statement.

These experiences can also include life-changing events that have shaped your thoughts, beliefs, and value system.  If you’re planning to discuss a tragic event in your admission essay, make sure not to appeal to your readers’ pity.  An effective way to address such an event as an essay topic is to show to the readers how you were able to overcome the challenges and how it has made you a better person.

Think of people who have changed you

This could be anybody — a favorite teacher or mentor, relative, friend, or even a co-worker.  By thinking of people who made a significant impact on your life, you’re able to get more topic ideas for your essay.  Remember that your essay is a way for you to show a personal side of you to the admission panel.  By discussing people who have inspired you in your essay, the admissions panel will be able to paint a clearer picture of you as they read your work.

By doing or thinking of things, people, or events that inspire you, putting yourself in a writing mood becomes easier.  Plus, if you had a fun time writing your essay, this will reflect on your work.






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