What is the Major Difference Between an Open University and a Regular University, and Which One is Better for an MBA?

In this highly competitive world, education is the weapon to break all the barriers that encounter as a hurdle in your success. Knowledge should not be restricted. Instead, it should be accessible to everyone. People from different walks of life and several strata of the society can get their degrees and diplomas done from regular as well as open universities. The government of every country has put its efforts to make education accessible to everyone all over the years. In doing this, the world was introduced to different types of universities providing training in various ways as per the need and affordability of different groups of students.

Why there is a need for Open University? 

Perhaps regular mode of education is the most popular way of learning; there are a considerable number of students who can’t pursue it. Reason can be location, irregular schooling, affordability, and many more. To eradicate this kind of hurdles from student’s life, open university is like a boon from the government to such type of students. A degree from the Open University provides an excellent chance to make their career in various disciplines. It assists the students to study while they are on the job. It even gives a golden opportunity to those people who drop-out their studies at a young age due to specific reasons.

The Department of Higher Studies of Ministry of Human Resource and Development (MHRD) defines the Open University as a system wherein teachers, and students need not be available at the same place or time and are flexible concerning the modalities and timing of teaching and learning.

However, the regular university is a system of learning where the presence of teachers and learners is required at a specified place and time.

Main Difference Between Open University and Regular University


  • The open university provides the policy of open admissions, distance, and online learning programs.
  • The regular university offers the policy of regular admissions and classroom learning.


  • There are no affiliated colleges in an open university and have only study centres and institutes.
  • The regular university consists of affiliated colleges and has different study centres and institutes.


  • Open University was established to lend higher education to those who can’t take admissions in the regular university.
  • The regular university was established to permit access to education to those who are able or willing to attend the regular colleges.

Selection of University for an MBA or any other Higher Studies

Giving a final judgment of how you want to study for an MBA or any other master’s degree and where you desire to do it can sometimes be more complicated. The thing is, you have a lot of alternatives to select from, and this can sometimes feel overwhelming.

But if you have any specific responsibility or a job, your choice might depend on your situation. If you have specific responsibilities on your shoulders and you are willing to pursue your studies in an MBA, then open university is a blessing for you. You will be able to deal with your responsibilities and finish your MBA simultaneously.

However, if you have a good financial status and desire to study an MBA regularly, then a regular university is beneficial for you. After all, you will get attention from teachers as well as the management.

Both open and regular universities have their own pros and cons. It depends on the situation or preference of an individual how he/she wants to pursue his/her MBA or higher studies.






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