The Top 5 Ways to Get Your Career Unstuck

Create new career habits

It has been said that it takes 21 days to establish a new habit or eliminate an undesirable one. Choose one new career habit you will try for the next three weeks.

Get out of your career comfort zones

Career comfort zones are created when we are successful at something-a newly acquired skill, talent or achievement. We repeat these successful behaviours again and again and get the same results that work. To move out of your career comfort zones, take a risk and try to do at least one thing differently.

Stick with it

Stop any complaining and groaning about career changes or roadblocks. Energize your attitude and refuse to quit when career plans fail, or things get tough.

Explore new career opportunities

Explore new career opportunities and make a conscious decision to learn something new every day. Cultivate a mindset that looks for career opportunities everywhere, even in the most straightforward activity.

Take baby steps

Consistently take tiny baby steps to reach your desired outcomes. Stay focused on the job and be persistent in executing career plans and building positive work relationships.






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