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Is an MBA from Sloan School well-respected?

The Sloan school of management, also known as MIT Sloan School Of Management, is one of the topmost schools in the world which is known for offering the best courses in the field of management. If you are looking for doing an MBA course abroad, then you must choose Sloan school of management, as it offers the best courses and will help you in gaining knowledge about the field that you have chosen.

Though for getting into MIT Sloan, there are various procedures and the students need to have a good GRE or GMAT score. Even after you get the required score in one of the above-stated exams, you have to attach an application regarding all the essential information that the university should know.

Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, MIT Sloan is even one of the most expensive colleges in the world, yet there are certain benefits and help that you will regarding our course fees and studies. Some of the benefits that MIT Sloan is known for providing its students is stated below.

Benefits of studying in MIT Sloan

Apart from getting quality education and best professors for academic teaching, there are other benefits too which you will get, once you start your journey in MIT Sloan.

Scholarship aid:

As it is known that opting for an MBA from MIT Sloan or any of the foreign university is expensive, scholarship and financial aid is indeed a lot of help. MIT Sloan offers scholarship aid for the students. All the students have equal opportunity to apply for a scholarship at MIT. The scholarships are granted based on merit, need and also a combination of merit and need. One has to apply for a scholarship through any of the departments or MIT Student Financial Services.


MIT Sloan provides all courses in the field of management. There are 12-month MBA programs, 20- month MBA programs, undergraduate programs, Leaders for Global Operations Program and many more. Each course is designed accordingly, and students can choose their stream during the time of admission. The first semester of MIT Sloan is tough and challenging, after which the students can design their own study courses according to their choice. There is even an Innovation Period where the student has the opportunity to get experimental and have chances to face practical cases.

Apart from that, MIT Sloan organises many such activities which makes the students think out of the box and helps them in becoming more capable of handling situations.


MIT Sloan is known for having the best professors who are experts in the field of management. Most of the professors in MIT Sloan have even written songs which are read by MBA students from all around the world. Imagine studying under these professors and getting the opportunity to learn from them! It will surely help you to know the tricks and skills that an ideal MBA student should have. The teaching at MIT Sloan is basically practical, allowing the students to get creative and develop more communication skills, which will further groom their personality.

Apart from the above-stated benefits, there are many more things that you will get to know if you choose MIT Sloan for getting an MBA. You get to know about international cases and how to handle situations under pressure. An MBA at MIT Sloan will develop you and help you grow into a better person so that you can become self-sustainable and can build your own business.

The placements in MIT Sloan is far better than most of the colleges and the degree which you will get after the completion of the course, will be of the highest value and it will be preferred over other college degrees.







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