Which are the best books for the MBA cat exam along with other MBA national entrance exams?

The entrance exams for MBA requires a lot of hard work and dedication. You need to have proper guidance who will help you in the preparation. But guidance, hard work and dedication are not enough as one even need to have good books which will help him/her to get through the exams.

There are many books which state that they will help you with your preparation, but only a few of those books are good. There are some specific books which are referred to by most of the teachers to help the students prepare for MBA entrance exams. To help you with selecting the best books for your MBA entrance exam preparation, here are some that would help you.

Best books for MBA entrance exams preparation

Before knowing the books which you should read for the entrance exams, you need to know the syllabus and the pattern of the exams. There are various MBA entrance exams, and all of them have almost similar examination pattern. The exams are going to have a section of aptitude and reasoning, with verbal ability, comprehension reading, data interpretation and literature. Each section has some specific books from which you can prepare for the exams. The books which will help you in each section, are stated below.

For quantitative aptitude:

For logical reasoning:

For literature and grammar:

For verbal ability and reading composition:

Apart from the above-stated books, there are practice papers too which you should prepare as it will help you to get acquainted with the pattern of the exams. There are many sites and books too which provide with previous year question papers with solutions, which will help you to know the exam pattern and the tricks with which you can solve them within less amount of time. The difference between a person who scored the highest and the one who got average marks is that the topper solved the same questions in less amount of time while the one who got average marks, took more time to solve the same questions.

By practising every day, you would get to know the tricks with which you can solve the questions in less time. Time is the main factor during MBA entrance exams, and it will judge whether you are capable enough to get an MBA or not. The books which have been mentioned above contain several cases and questions along with solutions and tricks for solving them so that you can prepare for the exams and help you throughout your MBA course too. The books written by Arun Sharma are preferred the most as he is one of the most renowned people in the field of management and his books have the exact things which a person preparing for MBA entrance exams should be aware of.







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