How are IIMs different from normal MBA colleges?

IIMs or Indian Institue of Management are the top B-schools in India due to various reasons. These colleges have the best faculties, and the students get exposure to international cases. No doubt IIMs are cool to hear, but the entrance exams which one has to clear to get into one of the IIMs is tough. They have high cut-off marks and the atmosphere in these colleges is always about competition. But why do people prefer going to an IIM instead of a reputed B-school, which is not an IIM? The reasons as to why people prefer IIM over other universities are stated below.

Difference between IIMs and other B-schools

  • One of the significant difference is that IIM is an autonomous institute which provides Post graduate diploma in management, better known as PGDM, instead of an MBA course, which other universities offer. As IIM is an autonomous institute, they are free to design their course according to their wish, thus keeping the course subject up to date, unlike other B-schools that are bound to follow the outdated path.
  • Secondly, IIMs have the best faculties in the nation. Once you enter IIm, you would get to know the difference between the teaching in an IIM and those in an average institute. The professors in here have Ph.D.’s in several courses, and they are up to date with the events which further helps the students in knowing about all the recent activities in the field of management
  • IIMs offer international exposure to its students, unlike other B-schools. The students in IIMs get to handle international cases, thus improving their personality and skills. These autonomous institutes have contacts with foreign professors which come for conducting sessions to the students in here
  • Courses in any B-school mean investing a lot of money as the fees are higher, and IIM is no different. Though, IIMs provide scholarships to the students based on their financial conditions and their performance in examinations, which helps the student in his/her academic life
  • The placements in IIMs is a lot better than that in other B-schools. Companies from all over the nation come to IIM and provide the students with the chance to work with them. Even international companies also offer students job offers. On average, an IIM institute brings over 400 companies, thus providing a vast number of opportunities for the students to grab a job
  • In an IIM, you do not have to mug up the notes and vomit them in the exams. The teaching style in here is a lot different, and real-life examples are provided to make the students understand the topic better

So these were some of the differences that you will find between an IIM and a high-rated B-school. No doubt there are many good institutes in India which are known for providing best MBA courses, but in comparison to IIM, these institutes fall below as IIM follows the up-to-date news and information to design their classes, while other colleges follow the pre-designed MBA course which has no scope of improvement or change.

A graduate from IIM will be preferred over a graduate from any other colleges, solely for the reason that IIM graduates have the skills and knowledge of handling international cases, are always up-to-date while a graduate from any B-school is a bit lagging in these matters. But, studying in IIM means paying a considerable amount of fees, though there are chances of getting a scholarship.

Getting into an IIM is not a bed of roses, as the entrance exams are challenging and the cut off marks are high. However, getting into an IIM will help you to develop your skills and will groom your personality so that you can handle any situation effortlessly.







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