Which is better, an MBA in Germany or an MBA in Ireland for Indian students?

If you are a student from India and thinking about getting an MBA degree from reputed foreign colleges, then you have got a variety of choices. While most of the top Ivy League colleges abroad charge a high amount of fees for pursuing an MBA course, there are other options too which will help you in getting an MBA from a reputed college from abroad. Moreover, Ireland and Germany are two of the most preferred countries by Indian students who are in pursuit of getting a degree in MBA. So, here comes the question of whether you should go to Germany or choose Ireland for getting your MBA degree.

To help you in simplifying the problem, we have stated below the benefits that you will get if you choose Ireland over Germany and vice versa.

Benefits of pursuing MBA in Ireland

  • The first benefit that you will get if you choose Ireland for pursuing MBA, is that you will get to learn Irish Gaelic, which is considered as one of the most official languages and only a few percentages of the population know this language. While you get to converse in English too, you have the opportunity to get acquainted with a new language.
  • If you are an Indian student and you choose a university from Ireland for your MBA, then you get to have a post-visa, which allows you to stay for one year in Ireland after the completion of MBA, so that you can search for jobs or start your own business.
  • Coming to colleges, Ireland has the topmost universities in the world, each known for providing the best education for students pursuing MBA. There is Trinity College Dublin, National University of Ireland and many more, which come under the top 100 colleges in the world.
  • If you are worried about the fees and accommodation, then the universities in Ireland even have scholarship programs for students coming from other countries. You can easily apply for scholarships and even get a 50% or 100% off on college fees depending upon the college you are choosing and the criteria that is required for scholarship programs. While some colleges give scholarships based on merit and financial condition of the student, other colleges provide scholarships based on any one of the above categories mentioned.

Benefits of pursuing MBA in Germany

  • Coming to pursuing MBA from Germany, one of the major reasons is that the college fees in this country are affordable. The universities in Germany are known for providing education to MBA students at an affordable and reasonable price
  • Though the low price might make you think that the teaching quality may not be as much good as that in other countries, you are wrong. The top universities in Germany have qualified teachers who are expert in the subject and teach through practical cases and examples so that the students can understand better.
  • As Germany is the fourth strongest economy in the country, getting a degree in MBA from Germany holds a higher value than other countries. The universities in here groom the students in global marketing and help them get to know the global market so that they gain more knowledge about the business, industry and the things that as an MBA holder, one should know.
  • There are a variety of MBA choices that one gets in a university from Germany. There are not only an MBA but even PGDM courses, which are always up-to-date so that students do not fall behind and miss out all the important things happening in the business world

So these were some of the benefits that you will get if you get an MBA from Ireland or Germany, that an Indian B-school cannot provide you. If you are concerned about the fees and want to get the best education but at an affordable price, then Germany should be your choice, as the universities there have reasonable fees. Though Ireland has scholarship programs, you need to clear the eligibility criteria for getting the scholarship.







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