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Using Integrated Marketing to Boost Your Revenue

Only a few years ago, marketing campaigns were limited to print. Now, through the internet, companies can branch out and reach customers in many new and varied ways. This diversity set the stage for the arrival of integrated marketing, a powerful tool for branding and business development.

There are many benefits to using integrated marketing, and it has many advantages over other marketing services. This article will discuss what it means to have your marketing be integrated, and why you should strongly consider working with a company that offers integration. This article will also discuss the other more traditional marketing techniques that preceded the integrated style.

What Is Integrated Marketing?

Simply put, integrated marketing is a multi-feature type of marketing. It coordinates a broad range of marketing styles and offers all of them at once, integrating them together so that they become one cohesive and whole marketing solution. Instead of disparate marketing firms, which are potentially uncoordinated and operating independently, integration bundles them into one service.

The difference between other types of marketing and integration is that the latter will most likely be run through a single company. You won’t have to worry about cross-company coordination. You work with one company, and that one company builds a relationship with you and comes to really understand your business. Such a deep understanding would not be possible if you were using many different marketing services to meet your needs.

Integrating Marketing Services

The march toward integration began long before the internet. Even in the older days of marketing, there was still a drive toward the centralization of services within a company. Businesses preferred to work with a single company rather than multiple marketing firms, and as a response, firms branched out into as many areas of marketing as they could. However, in the pre-internet days, maintaining an excellent level of expertise in all areas of marketing proved challenging.

With the advent of the information superhighway, keeping up with the latest techniques was much easier. Even more importantly, the internet opened up an entirely new dimension of integrated marketing services: web marketing.

The Importance of Web Marketing

In today’s world, many companies focus on internet marketing rather than other mediums. Nonetheless, the best path to take is a truly integrated approach. Work with a company that offers marketing services in a variety of areas and can help you plan a comprehensive approach to getting your company’s voice heard. Your company should be able to aid in graphic design, website design, photography, and brand development.

Once you get a company that excels across the board, you will have a strong partner in making your business as successful as possible. You will see a coordinated effort in many different marketing spheres, getting your products or services to the customers who most want to see them. Integration marketing is more targeted than other methods and typically takes effect more quickly. If you are looking for a prompt return on your investment, integration is probably right for you.






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