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The belief that IQ tests are the most reliable means of scientifically testing the intelligence and smartness of a person has always been surrounded by controversial opinions, sparking heated debates.

What is IQ? (IQ test result)

The intellectual quotient (abbreviated IQ), is an indicator of mental development, the level of existing knowledge and awareness, obtained on the basis of various test methods.

Despite the existence of numerous definitions of intelligence, there is only one common method to measure intelligence that is accepted worldwide viz. Intellectual Quotient (IQ) test. It is also called the “Binet and Simon Test” which was published in 1905. This test has withstood the test of time even after a century.

The idea of ​​quantifying the level of intellectual development (IQ) of children using a test system was first developed by the French psychologist A. Binet (1903). For each age period, calculated in years, the level (norm) of achieved knowledge and skills was assumed to be 100. Deviations from this standard allowed judging the advance or lag in mental development. They revised the B-S scale in 1908 and once again in 1911, just before Binet’s death. 

The term itself was introduced by the Austrian psychologist W. Stern in 1911. With the help of an IQ test in the USA, for example, selection for the army is carried out, the degree of preparedness of students is assessed, and sociological and psychological examinations are carried out.

The IQ test continues to be the only universally accepted method of measuring human intelligence. Today you can take a paid IQ test online easily to find your IQ score. Sounds great, right?

How is the Paid IQ Test Score calculated?

The system of tests for determining IQ includes both tasks requiring a verbal answer to the questions posed, and tasks for manipulation, for example, folding an integral figure according to its given parts. It is required to solve – with a time limit – simple arithmetic problems and examples, answer a number of questions, determine the meanings of some terms and words.

Answers are scored on a predetermined scale. The total number of points received for all tasks is converted by means of tables previously worked out on large contingents of subjects into the corresponding IQ indicator. The assessment takes into account the age of the subject.

The score graph (score versus number of people) of IQ tests conducted in large populations is a bell-shaped curve, indicating that most people in the general population have an average score of around 100. At both the extremes on the scoreline there is a steep decline in the curve, implying that very few people fall in the genius category or in the imbecile category.

According to most psychologists, the IQ test primarily assesses the current level of knowledge.

The Controversies

The controversial issues were: What exactly does an IQ test measure? What exactly is general intelligence? Is the test racially biased? Is it a measure of one’s acquired genetic intelligence or is it a measure of cultivated intelligence?

So what types of people score high on IQ tests?

The IQ test scores of some famous personalities were: Einstein, 160; Mozart, 165; Leonardo Da Vinci, an incredible 220!







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