Why are Online Casinos Investing in Indian Market?

There has been a rise in the number of online casinos in India, and the reasons are varied. Every year, there has been an increase in the number of smartphone users. By 2022, there will be around a 92% surge in the number of mobile phone users.

According to various surveys, when a person uses smartphones, he gets introduced to various parts of entertainment. Now he chooses to remain entertained either by OTT platforms or by gaming utopia! As reports suggest, Indian adults choose to play games more than watching series. A person gets bored of watching the same kind of series multiple times, and the excitement decreases. However, the gaming excitement never ceases to impress the punters.

Based on specific and thorough research, a list of why online casinos in India are gaining more investments is prepared. Have a look at the most imperative factors:

The interest of Indians in gaming

Data shows that Indian players downloaded around 5 billion mobile gaming apps. Out of those 5 billion people, 2.1 billion were just novice players interested in online casinos in India. Also, the described data shows the figures for 2019; the figures have increased 45X during 2020. Indians have an immense interest in gaming and casinos in India. Every day, online casinos in India experience heavy traffic on their websites. Also, thousands of Indian adults search about casinos in India every second.

Apart from that, investors see huge potential in the Indian audience when it comes to gaming. There are various Indian-centric games like Poker, Teen Patti, Andar Bahar, etc., that people love. At any casino in India, they find all these games for a very reasonable price. Hence, more and more Indians are attracted to these Indian-centric games.

A huge number of SmartPhones users

As mentioned earlier in this article, almost every 2 in 5 Indians own a smartphone. Various budget phones come under the range of five to ten thousand rupees. Many Indian adults and people can afford these smartphones. Also, there are various financing schemes such as EMI, making it easier for an adult to own a smartphone. Casinos in India are designed in a way that they can support even 2G networks. All that a person needs to do is, open the online casinos in India in their mobile browser. Also, many casinos in India provide their mobile apps as well – this makes it more convenient.

Great development of IT sector

The Information Technology sector in India has grown exponentially. India has got the best pool of engineers who play these online games and develop them as well. There have been a massive number of developments in the gaming industry. Investors see potential in the games developed by the Indian IT sector and, of course, the online gaming industry.

Acceptance of Indian rupees & Digital Payment

Online casinos always had an interest in India. However, they were being stopped either by the payment methods or the traditional payment ways. Perhaps, nothing of this sort lies in the era of digital payment today. According to deep research and analysis by casinofox.in, more than 60% of the online casino players pay via UPI or any other digital payment methods. Digital payment methods such as Paytm or PhonePe have made things easier. A person doesn’t need to type all the card details; rather, the payment can be done with just a click. This scenario has given a huge room for online casinos in India to offer enormous playing opportunities.

In earlier years or days, people had to go for currency exchange to play online casinos. The whole process used to charge a fee, and it was time-consuming as well. But, now the scenario has changed upside down. A person can pay in Indian currency – rupees without paying any additional fees.

Indian government stance on online casinos

Though playing at an online casino in India is entirely legal except for 2 or 3 states, the Indian government hasn’t said anything about the same. As per the Indian gambling laws, a game of chance is considered illegal, and a game of skills is considered legal. But, it hasn’t applied any rules or prohibition to the players playing at online casinos.

Therefore, the grey area makes foreign casinos and investors see potential in India. If the Indian gambling market is regulated like any other country, India can generate thousands of employment opportunities. Not only that, casinos in India can help in boosting the economy.

Rise due to Covid-19?

Covid-19 can be taken as one reason, not the utmost reason behind the popularity of online casinos in India. Since people were not allowed to go out due to lockdown, they had very few entertainment options. One of the easiest and best options was casinos, as they could get the real feeling of a land-based casino in Goa.

IPL & other Indian tournaments

Indian Premier League is celebrated as a fever in India. Various people place bets over their favourite team, player, or even matches. Investors saw huge potential in IPL and hence, landed up investing in big casinos or bookmakers. Also, there are various other tournaments such as FIFA or the world championship that have the heart of the Indian audience. Since there are hardly any casinos from India (no online casino can be called Indian because of license), Indians only move to offshore casinos.

All betting sites listed on iplbettingguide.com have seen massive growth in terms of traffic and revenue over the last 2 years. This encourages more investment from companies in this field of business.

Final Words

There is a huge potential in the entire gambling industry that India has. However, the government is still mute on the aspects and regularization of the gambling industry. If the Indian government regularizes the online casino industry, it will benefit the audience and government as well. Indian audiences will not get cheated by any fraudulent casino, and the government will solve the issue of problem gamblers in India. Not only that, casinos in India will generate higher revenue streams and employment opportunities.






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