CAT Entrance Exam

Analyse Your Strengths & Weaknesses Before Finalizing Your CAT Entrance Exam Prep Plan

If you have just begun your preparation for the CAT entrance exam, top experts advise that the first step that you should take is a diagnostic test. This would help you determine where you stand today, which will help you understand the effort you need to put into CAT preparations. Also, you would get a fair idea of your weaknesses and strengths.

The preparation for the CAT entrance exam should ideally be eight months, as then you will have enough time to space out preparations and work comfortably.

The preparation for CAT  would be a step-by-step process. The first step is to gather information about CAT exam. The CAT  aspirants should first collect all the information regarding when the test will be held, where to collect the CAT voucher, what the different subjects included in the test, and which institute provides what facilities and their course structure.

Experts give their advice about the initial study plan for CAT.

  • For the first 45 days, start taking full-length tests every three days if you are a beginner and start preparing for CAT for the first time.
  • The diagnostic test will help you know your strengths and weaknesses. Focus on building your strengths and work on your weak areas. To achieve this, you must take a judicious mix of diagnostic tests in the initial period.
  • Focus on your calculation abilities, especially additions, percentage calculations, and ratios. DI is more or less traditional.

Picking the right prep institute

To direct your preparation correctly, joining an MBA coaching institute is ideal but unnecessary. The coaching institutes guide you on how to crack the CAT exam by providing suitable study material, preparation strategies, and mock tests.

The frequent and most confusing question that a student faces while starting the CAT Entrance Exam preparation is how to choose a good institute among the many for preparation. Here’s your answer:

There are many MBA test prep institutes. It is essential to make the right choice. The parameters should be unique pedagogy, updated course content according to the pattern of CAT and other entrance exams, a number of mock tests an institute provides for practice, course material, faculty, etc. One should judge these parameters before choosing an MBA test prep institute.

Some of the well-known CAT prep institutes are T.I.M.E., IMS Learning, Career Launcher, PT Education, Bulls Eye, etc.






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