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  • How to Choose your Ideal B-School?

    Management is about decision-making, they say. Hence the thrust on decision-making in the MBA curriculum. However, even before making it to a B-school, MBA aspirants today must know a thing or two about taking decisions. Take for instance, the dilemma of ‘which institutes to apply to’. The fact that there are more than 1100 B-schools […]

  • 10 Steps to Successful College Selection

    10 Steps to Successful College Selection

    The selection of a college is often a difficult one for most students. There are so many parameters to think about and so many options, that many of us don’t look beyond the obvious ones. Here we list 10 steps that will help you choose a college successfully. Determine the type of college you want […]

  • Considering Graduate School Degree?

    Considering Graduate School Degree?

    In my mind, there are mainly two groups of people who are considering a graduate school degree – those who have just finished an undergraduate degree and those who already have jobs. Both seek career enhancement. Such a decision should really be considered seriously. Pursuing a graduate school degree means one has to invest a […]

  • Getting into a Top 10 Business School

    Getting into a Top 10 Business School

    I am often asked by business school aspirants about how they can get into a top 10 business school. Here is a summary of the advice I often give people. Is an MBA for me? The very first thing that one needs to do is to figure out why he or she wants to go […]

  • Freaquently asked questions about MBA admissions

    Freaquently asked questions about MBA admissions

    I have attempted to address here some questions of prospective Masters students with regard to the GMAT and GRE examinations, and the respective Masters courses that they subsequently wish to pursue. Past experience has proven that the vast majority of students that wish to do a Masters programme, or a MBA, have little idea about […]