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Ask MBA Pundit

The Graduate Management Admissions Test

December 10, 2012 MBA Pundit 0

The Graduate Management Admissions Test, more commonly referred to by the acronym GMAT (pronounced G-mat) is a standardized aptitude designed to measure basic verbal, mathematical, and analytical writing skills. It is often required as a […]

MBA Perspectives

Advantages of a Full-Time / Executive MBA Program

December 1, 2012 MBA Pundit 1

All MBA Programs offered today at business schools all over the globe are conveniently divided into Full-time, Part-time, Distance-Learning and Executive Education. Today Full-time and Executive MBA Programs appear the most popular among students and […]

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MBA Preparation

What Do B-Schools look for in an Applicant?

November 29, 2012 MBA Pundit 0

Business schools, particularly for the MBA, often look for three to four years of full-time work experience. Sometimes, they will also consider internship or co-op experience as long as it’s relevant to business. They often […]