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  • Recommendation Letters do’s and don’ts

    Recommendation Letters do’s and don’ts

    We have received a number of questions, with regard to recommendations. The following covers those issues. Number of recommendations Most schools require two recommendations, and it is certainly not the case that more is always better. Some candidates will want to have additional recommendation forms submitted, but this is only advisable if the additional recommendation […]

  • Categorization of MBA colleges in India and their fee structure

    The business schools in India are categorized into three. They are Class-A, Class-B and Class-C. The B-Schools coming under Class-A are the most reputed institutes in the country offering MBA courses. One of the examples for the Class-A institutions is the Indian Institute of Management. There are 10 IIM’s that are spread all over the […]

  • Buying New Luggage

    Buying New Luggage

    For people who aren’t racking up the frequently flyer miles that often, taking a trip often means bringing the old luggage down from the attic and dusting it off. Even though many in-frequent flyers often try to make do with their older luggage, there comes a time when you have to retire that old clamshell […]