Categorization of MBA colleges in India and their fee structure

The business schools in India are categorized into three. They are Class-A, Class-B and Class-C.

The B-Schools coming under Class-A are the most reputed institutes in the country offering MBA courses. One of the examples for the Class-A institutions is the Indian Institute of Management. There are 10 IIM’s that are spread all over the country. The admission in these institutes is given only for the outstanding students. Thus the fee structure for the programmes in these institutes will also be higher. To pursue the MBA graduation from IIM, one has to pay about Rs. 12 lakhs. The present scenario states that IIM is going to raise the fee structure for the MBA programmes. In such situation students have to spend around Rs.15 lakhs in order to pursue degree from these institutes.

The Class-B institutes are considered as the second top option chosen by the students who fail to land up in IIMs. This class includes the B-Schools like XLRI, Narsee Monjee, FMS Delhi and many more. For pursuing MBA in these institutions students have to spend around Rs.5 to 8 lakhs. It will vary according to the institute.

The Class-C institutions are the last choice favored by the students for pursuing MBA. These least choice institutes charges around Rs.2 to 6 lakhs for the two year programme.

The admission to all these institutions is made based on the score obtained by the candidates in the concerned entrance examinations organized by the universities. Some of the entrance tests for MBA in India are MAT, CAT, XAT, etc.

Besides all, the reputed business institutions in abroad charges around Rs.20 to 30 lakhs and this is considered as the standard fees for the MBA courses offered there.


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