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  • Some tips for cracking Reading Comprehension (RC) section

    Reading Comprehension (RC) is one of the most feared sections of the CAT paper, many aspirants fear it because it takes time to read the passage and inference answers to the questions, but mind you RCs are one of the most scoring sections in CAT exams Verbal Ability is something that you can only improve […]

  • CAT: 5 Mistakes to Avoid for Great Score

    CAT: 5 Mistakes to Avoid for Great Score

    Today, I am going to write something about how you can get a good score just by avoiding the common pitfalls or errors that many students make. Have a careful look at each of these and see if you are making these mistakes. 1) Skipping topics they don’t like The biggest mistake that most of […]

  • How to select the best possible date for CAT exam?

    The exam will be conducted in a 20 day window just like the previous year’s CAT. Which date / day should you select for your exam? Should it be entirely based on your convenience or is there some logical way to select the best date? Should I appear in the beginning or should I appear […]

  • Tips to improve Reading Comprehension Score in CAT

    ‘Improve your Reading Comprehension Skills if you wish to crack CAT’… You may have heard this line from so many CAT gurus or MBA students. I have to agree that this is one of the most important steps to cracking CAT. But, how should you go about preparing for the Reading Comprehension questions? How can […]