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  • What is an MBA thesis?

    An MBA thesis is different from an MBA business project and an MBA dissertation in that whilst the business project specifically addresses a problem or issue facing a business and analyses the problem and a dissertation could be a business plan or a long analysis of a subject. A thesis is where you declare something […]

  • My GMAT Experience – A Guest Post

    It was about a year ago that I came to Barcelona. I was on my “campaign” looking for an appropriate job in Spain, and it was then that I decided to start preparing for the studies which I planned to undertake in a couple of years’ time. My brother had just entered the INSEAD MBA, […]

  • Strategies to tackle Quantitative Aptitude in CAT

    Quantitative ability is one of the most feared topics among fledgling CAT aspirants, but if you are indomitable about your goal to study in a top notch MBA institute, then a section should not fetter your chance. Quantitative ability tests basic knowledge on mathematics. To brush up on the fundamentals, you can refer to any […]

  • Managing conflict – Theory and perspectives

    Managing conflict – Theory and perspectives

    So many articles, researched that deal with managing the conflict in organization. They give different ways to manage conflict but most of the ideas are overlapping. However, examining the conflict nature without knowing the appropriate approaches to handle the conflict only solves half of the problem. Likewise, the effectiveness of a particular conflict management approach […]