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  • Writing a great Resume – part 2

    Writing a great Resume – part 2

    In my previous post, I wrote about the general aspects of writing a resume. In this post, I will talk about how you should go about writing a resume for your specific situation. What do I want to convey in the resume? Skills: Make a list of the skills that you want your resume to…

  • Effect of conflict in organization

    Effect of conflict in organization

    A number of studies have compared the effect of conflict on the work performance and on general found task or cognitive conflict to have positive effects while relationship or effective conflict to have negative effects on team performance. Amason (1996) argue that these two types of conflict have different performance outcomes and contend that cognitive…

  • Types of conflict

    Types of conflict

    Conflict theorists agree that there are two major types of conflicts although they label them in different ways. In 1980 Deutsch labeled them cooperative versus competitive. Jehn (1995, 1997) labels two types of conflict as task and relationship conflicts. In 1996 Amason et al. defined these types of conflict as “effective” and “cognitive” and in…