Why conflict arises in an Organization?

According to De Bono (1985), the main reason conflict arise because people see things differently, different ideological and philosophical outlooks, different status, understanding and viewpoints. However according to Kirchoff and Adams (1982) there are four distinct conflict conditions, example, high stress environment, ambiguous roles and responsibilities, multiple boss situations, and prevalence of advanced technology. But Liam (2001) believes that dealing with conflicts is an important aspect of management, coping pressures is equally so. When individuals are under pressure, conflict often arises.

In the view of Michael and Wayne et al (2001) Conflict is a problem that interferes with achieving organizational goals because The purpose of this paper is to examine the opposing view of different researches on conflict in organization, why conflict arises, different types of conflict, what causes the conflict, how different kinds of conflict interact and how to manage and handle this conflict. it threatens hierarchical authority while a peaceful and harmonious organization however, very well maybe an apathetic, uncreative, stagnant and unresponsive organization. They also mention that conflict plays the role of catalyst in the development of groups. Moreover suppressing conflict may lead to “groupthink”, a tendency to produce uncritical like-mindedness.






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