MBA Preparation : Do’s and Don’ts for your preparation

So you burnt mid night oil, slogged days and nights, gave many mock tests but still failed to get an MBA seat ?? Life is tough !!! But you are keen to do an MBA and hence,  you are thinking of giving it another shot ? Great !! ..Half of your battle is already won and Kudos for that !! For rest of the battle, let me quickly point out some Do’s and some Dont’s.. or rather the things to be taken care of… Do’s :

  • Since you had already prepared for an entrance exam previously, I assume your basics are clear. If not, just do it. As astonishing it may sound, most of the questions in exams are simple basic questions.
  • Identify your strong/weak areas. Overcome your weak area. Try to figure out, what went wrong the last time and work it out.
  • Practice various types of questions and understand the cases properly. Solving a question in the right manner and understanding the logic behind it is very important.
  • Having the right study group helps.
  • Sleep well the night before your exam and stay cool.

Dont’s :

  • Don’t go about solving same question set again and again. Get your basics right and move on. Remember – Its not about how many times you have solved a particular question set but how many question sets that you practiced.
  • Don’t just give mock tests. Analyse them thoroughly, find out where you went wrong and what type of questions you couldn’t answer. Also see what type of question took you more time and what took you less. Keeping a track of your accuracy level and working on it also makes a huge difference.
  • Don’t get frustrated or demotivated after your mocks.
  • Don’t let depressing and demotivating friends/relatives affect you.
  • Don’t give up!! at any cost

In the end, I would conclude with this: Strive hard to achieve your goal. After all, at the end of the day, its all about proving your mettle.






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