Marketing Should be built Right in to the product – Seth Godin

I have been reading a little about Seth Godin, who is a renowned marketing guru,
the author of “Purple Cow”,”Permission Marketing”,”Unleashing the ideavirus” etc. His readings are thought provoking.

I liked his statement idea that marketing should be built right into the product. The people who really make the product successful are the people who invent it and not those who market it. For example : Starbucks. They dont spend a lot of time on direct marketing . But they spend a lot on quality of coffee beans and the lighting in stores. And , then the creative idea of putting Wi-Fi in coffee stores.

Then he goes on to say, how marketers need to thing different, not the conventional way to achieve product growth (especially for an already saturated market). More importantly, marketers should stop lying and cheating the customers. Don’t steal their permission’s ( example spam mail). This causes less access to the consumers and makes the customer ignore or hate sales pitches.

By the way, it was interesting to note that in UK an complete ad channel was launched, which shows only commercials.





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