Why MBA: An alternative Perspective

We all know that MBA has now become an important asset both in terms of knowledge and value add to your profile , it’s a matter of prestige to study from best of b-schools in India, but there is much more!!!

Before focusing on why MBA, let me take you back to 1980?s and 1990?s when a graduation like B.A /B.SC/B.COM  was more than enough to secure  a job and progress in one’ s career , this period also saw a gradual rise in aspiration level for Engineers and Doctors and now the focus is also on MBA. Is this the big packages or the essence of achieving something great that has created this craze for MBA or for that matter engineering and MBBS, may be!!! Well I am not sure!!!

This continuous shift from B.A to Engineering to MBA, has been an outcome of an economic reason called service based industry, if you observe, the organizational structure in countries like Germany, Japan there people progress up the ranks, after years of work experience, there is typically no lateral entry, hence focus on Post Graduation is more on research side like MS or academic side in terms of PHD

But here in India , a service based industry which is dominated by IT services, has created a huge demand for engineers and now with the expansion of services industry in the domain of finance, marketing, operations, systems, human resource , there is need of talent from management field as hence MBA is in demand

Why should people do MBA?

  • MBA is one of the best ways of switching into a new domain of interest , for example a IT guy , who will not generally be accepted in the domain of sales , marketing , advertising media , financial services , will get that chance to switch domains after doing a MBA
  • The other reason can be to switch to next level in the same domain after MBA , the term called “Lateral Placement” , where one can leverage one’s work experience to rise to managerial levels in the same domain
  • One can look to start one’s own business , most of the b-schools in India , have entrepreneurship cells , which groom and nurture business Ideas under the guidance of best of the minds in India , and hence students would be able to understand and analyze  one’s idea , thus progressing in the right direction

Whichever may be the reason, it has to be personal and related to one’s goals, it’s a request to every aspirant, don’t do MBA, because your friend, neighbour or for that matter enemy is doing it ; but do it , if  it maps to your aspirations .

MBA is a huge investment, if you consider the cost of preparation i.e. Coaching+ Mock Tests+ GDPI Preparation+ Cost of Forms +Cost of Traveling + 2 years of income if you are working+ College Fees

If it doesn’t map to your goals, you are a taking huge risk, but if it does map to your goals, you are in for a journey of a lifetime , so I would say Welcome Aboard!!!!

If you have questions, queries, doubts, comments, please do share it here!!!! Looking forward to interact with you.





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