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  • Debunking Common MBA Admissions Myths (Part 2)

    Debunking Common MBA Admissions Myths (Part 2)

    MBA Admissions Myth #2: I will be denied admission because I am too young/old. MBA AdmissionsMyth #3: I will be denied admission because I have too little/much work experience. Since these two are very related, I’m going to discuss them together. While the mean age of first year MBAs is 28, many people are admitted […]

  • Why MBA: An alternative Perspective

    Why MBA: An alternative Perspective

    We all know that MBA has now become an important asset both in terms of knowledge and value add to your profile , it’s a matter of prestige to study from best of b-schools in India, but there is much more!!! Before focusing on why MBA, let me take you back to 1980?s and 1990?s when a […]

  • Do you think that work experience before going back to school is important?

    This really depends on the individual, the profession they’re going into, their personal circumstances and preferences, etc. In some professions, a graduate or professional degree is required to just get a job or to significantly improve your chances of getting a job or a better job. It’s often expected that individuals interested in engineering or […]

  • Do Extra-Curriculars help to get approved at a B-School?

    There isn’t necessarily one “ideal” for all programs and all institutions. This will vary. It is to someone’s advantage to be involved in professional organizations or other extracurricular activities, particularly when a leadership role has been held. Internship and full-time experience is important to many business programs. Some programs require full-time work experience, while others, […]

  • What Do B-Schools look for in an Applicant?

    Business schools, particularly for the MBA, often look for three to four years of full-time work experience. Sometimes, they will also consider internship or co-op experience as long as it’s relevant to business. They often look for leadership potential, so it’s important to put leadership positions you have held on your application or resume. A […]