Group Discussion : 11 pointers.. to note for better GD’s

Instead of wasting time on any kind of introduction, I would be assuming that all of you know what a Group Discussion is. So, I would directly start by giving you some insights, which might help you in your preparations ahead..

Here goes the 11 pointers.. that one should note during preparation for better Group Discussions :

1) Always be your Natural Self :

Avoid putting on a show for the moderators / panel members; it won’t help, in sailing you through. The score one receives depends both on ‘What’ you say and ‘How’ you say it. The gestures and mannerisms are more likely to reflect your attitude than what you are actually trying to say.

2) Initiating the Group Discussion :

If you have well-understood the topic in the current light, go ahead and initiate the GD.

However, you need to remember that it is not necessary to start the GD at all. You do not necessarily have to be a leader to succeed.

3) Stay Cool during the GD :

Even if you don’t get the opportunity to initiate the GD or you are unable to speak in the first few minutes, you just need to be patient & maintain your cool. Also, if the topic is such that you don’t have any idea about, it is still better to keep yourself calm & under control trying to steal & grab the points of others..

4) Do not Dominate the GD :

Always try to be assertive but not dominating. Otherwise it may have a negative impact, hampering your chances to sail through.

Try maintaining a positive talk-listen ratio. One should be a good listener and try to listen aggressively. This may even help in situations, wherein you don’t have enough points to contribute to the GD.

5) Avoid One to One discussions :
Try not to get involved in one to one discussions with any of your fellow participants / members in a GD. Avoid getting into an argument incessantly with any other fellow member / participant in a GD.

Remember : You are there for a Group Discussion, & not for a Group Debate. So, respect other people’s views too..

6) Bring Diversity to the Discussion :

Always try to fetch and bring in as many diverse aspects / insights of the topic as you can, to the discussion.

7) Try to maintain your eye contact with as many members of the group as possible.

8 ) Be Polite :

One should always be polite. So instead of saying, “I disagree” or “Your point is wrong”, try to use phrases like “Yes, I agree, your point may be correct but according to me….” or “I would like to add that…”

9) Use correct & genuine Statistics :

Try using facts, figures, examples, statistics and relevant data if any, to support your stand in a GD.

10) Do not Cut others while they are Speaking :

Never ever be hesitant to speak, if others are speaking. Just remember that you never interrupt anyone in a GD – you enter it through relevant points.

11) Keep it Short and Sweet :
Always keep your submissions short / brief, simple & to the point / precise.
It doesn’t matter how you rate your performance in the GD; what counts is how the moderators / panel members have perceived it.
Finally, I would like to say that Practice makes one Perfect. Always go for a few mock GD sessions as they would go a long way in improving your performance as well as in building up your confidence level.

What do the moderators / panel members look for during a GD..?

– Assertiveness
– Ability to take the initiative
– Body Language
– Command over spoken English
– Communication skills
– Convincing ability
– Conceptualising skills
– Creativity
– Confidence
– Interpersonal skills
– Knowledge
– Leadership skills
– Maturity
– Problem-solving skills
– Team Spirit

Now, go ahead and practice…All the Best..!!



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