Getting started on home renovations

Where do I begin? That’s a question many of you ask before you start a house paint and remodeling job for your home.

Let’s begin outside with the front door and entrance. The front door is part of the first impression you make on your visitors and your neighbours. A beautifully decked out front door is engaging and welcoming.

Door Style: Front doors are becoming more prominent, more obvious. Install a retractable screen door to show a beautifully appointed door while keeping the bugs at bay. Pick a new door that adds some pizzazz to the entrance, but works with the style of your home. Add sidelights if you have the space…..the side window to the door. It will allow more light in and let you see who is at the door.

Hardware: Don’t forget the handle, lock and door knocker. Update the look of your door with new hardware. Add a kickplate that is about 2″ narrower than the door so it doesn’t interfere with the door operation but adds a new dimension to the overall appearance. A doorknocker should be a different finish than the handle and lock so it stands out and says “use me”! If your overall style is traditional, try using a very modern knocker as an eye catcher….or vice versa.

Colour: Make your front door stand out. Paint it a colour that will attract attention, but co-ordinate with the overall house colour. Black is always a great choice for the front door and works with any colour on the house. Consider selecting a complimentary (opposite) colour to the one on the eaves trough for some extra kick. Or try a shade of the eaves colour (eaves colour + black) for a simple, elegant look.

Accessories: Are not just for Christmas or special occasions! Use urns on either side of the door for a formal look. Go asymmetrical for a more casual approach by grouping a variety of flower pots to one side of the door. Change out the door mat for a larger outdoor rug that coordinates with your overall colour scheme. If you have a porch large enough, add a small bistro set or a mix of country relics. And if you aren’t using a door knocker, add a wreath or a metal flower holder to highlight the door.

But there’s also moulding, lighting, porch floors and so much more to think about. Whatever you do, dress it up or dress it down, and welcome the neighbourhood in! In Bedford, Goedecke Paint & Decorating provides a variety of tile choices to outfit your household giving you a quality floor that will last for years to come.





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