8 Important Criteria for Selecting a B-School

Students have various sets of parameters in their minds before making a decision of getting admitted to an institute. They need to consider different factors before deciding the right institute.B-Schools India

1. Admission criteria: The best institutes attract best students. So admission process followed by the institute is one of the main criteria that students should look for.

2. Infrastructure, both (physical & intellectual): A well stocked library, modern computer centre, well maintained classrooms etc., also reflect the quality of education the institute is providing.

3. Course content and specialization: The curriculum should be in sync with the industry in order to meet the current demands from industry. This will not only help the student in harnessing his knowledge but also in having an edge in the job market.

4. Quality of faculty: Good faculty is one of the greatest resources of any management institute. The faculty from the institute provide continuity, guidance and monitoring that students need during their course of study.

5. Quality of students and alumni status: It reflects the image and reputation of the institute.

6. Cost of education: The cost of education and return against the investment is one of the foremost criteria that candidates consider.

7. Placement details & CTC offered: the candidates should always check the placement claims made by the institute. The range of CTC offered during campus placement needs to be checked too.

8. Location & hostel facility: India is a large country and the region/location of the institute with respect to the employment opportunities after the completion of the degree in the  vicinity of their state and availability of the hostel is also a deciding factor for the students.







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