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  • 8 Important Criteria for Selecting a B-School

    8 Important Criteria for Selecting a B-School

    Students have various sets of parameters in their minds before making a decision of getting admitted to an institute. They need to consider different factors before deciding the right institute. 1. Admission criteria: The best institutes attract best students. So admission process followed by the institute is one of the main criteria that students should […]

  • Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore

    Sitting amidst a myriad of companies and within the lush green terrains of the Silicon Valley of India is the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore. IIM Bangalore is also known as IIM-B. This college is amongst the most sought after colleges among MBA aspirants, appearing for CAT every year.  The third such institution, after IIM-A […]

  • Last Minute CAT Preparation Guide

    M.B.A – Master of Business Administration, a degree many of you have been hearing ever since you learnt about taking jobs, especially during your high school days. Apart from becoming a doctor, or an engineer, this is one degree that will never get out of fashion, and is one of the most coveted one’s. Nowadays, […]