It’s always frustrating to jump from one interview to another without any luck. Be careful, you might have the “job hunter’s stress”. By the name alone, this type of stress is targeted to individuals who have been looking for a job for sometime without any luck. If you’ve been suffering from this, you might want to take it easy as this type of stress will cost you your ability to get a job.Career-Paths

But getting out of this type of stress is easy here are some tips to get you out of the slump:

Organize your job hunting

If you’re targeting a number of companies, chances are you’ve been a lot of interviews lately. But before coming out with another list of companies you want to work with set a schedule on what date and time you’ll be getting in touch with them. That means each of these companies will set a schedule for an interview. You could negotiate the time and eventually you’ll have enough time to practice and prepare from one interview to another.

Get the answer as soon as possible

A company that will let you hang for answers for almost a week is never a good thing. If you haven’t heard from them for sometime, it’s time to move on to another company. Your stress always stems from the fact that you’re expecting something that’s not coming at all. You’re better off looking for another opportunity than sulking about the job you didn’t get.

Take it easy

Being interviewed while on stress will always show in the way you talk and move. When you’re a streak of being rejected, it’s time to take a break. After all, you’ve been really trying hard to look for a job and you deserver a little break. That will clear your mind from any frustration and will give you the preparation you need for the next task. Go for a short vacation and just relax for a day or two.

Don’t follow the same strategy

This is really obvious but most of us forget about this. If you were not hired, there must be something wrong about your interview and/or your resume. Review all the things you have done and notice if there was anything wrong that you said or wrote. Although interviewers have different opinions about you, they generally have the same idea what they are looking for. When applying for another company; change the format of your resume and cover letter and be conscious of what you’ll be saying to them. Sticking to the same formula will get you nowhere.

Getting a job is all about persistence but it’s also about strategy and the ability to handle stressful situation. Treat each job application as a new company to deal with and it has a unique way of screening their applicants. Changing your cover letter and resume now and then tests the waters of what will really work in job hunting compared to sticking to the same formula which never works in the first place.