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  • Mastering the Elevator Pitch

    Mastering the Elevator Pitch

    Elevator pitch or speech is a very short speech about a product, an individual or yourself. The term “elevator” refers to the fact that you only have a few seconds, usually within 30 seconds, just like in an elevator ride. Businesses use this pitch to sell their wares; start-up companies use this to encourage venture…

  • Avoiding the Job Hunting Stress

    Avoiding the Job Hunting Stress

    It’s always frustrating to jump from one interview to another without any luck. Be careful, you might have the “job hunter’s stress”. By the name alone, this type of stress is targeted to individuals who have been looking for a job for sometime without any luck. If you’ve been suffering from this, you might want…

  • Interview Tips: Before, During and After

    Interview Tips: Before, During and After

    Before the Interview Know more about the company and the job you are applying for – more often than not, your prospective employer will ask you questions about the company and your job. But even though they will never ask those specific questions, you can easily relate your answer to them based on what you…