Elevator pitch or speech is a very short speech about a product, an individual or yourself. The term “elevator” refers to the fact that you only have a few seconds, usually within 30 seconds, just like in an elevator ride. Businesses use this pitch to sell their wares; start-up companies use this to encourage venture capitalists to invest in their company and you can also use this to impress the interviewer about you. If you can master the elevator pitch, you increase your chances of being hired to any company that you want to work with.

Delivering the elevator pitch doesn’t need any cue. Most of the time, the interviewer will start the interview process by asking you to tell him or her about yourself. Right after that question, you only have 30 seconds to a minute to impress the interview. The first minute will make or break your chances of being hired. Although some candidates are able to pull it off even with a bad start, acing the interview from the time you sit in the chair to the thank you handshake is even better than the latter.

An elevator speech should never be impromptu. The day or days before the interview, write down your elevator speech and practice it. Memorize the line carefully so that it will never sound scripted. Some interviewers will know that you are actually saying something that you already memorized so be sure to practice not too sound too mechanical.

Say it slowly and deliver it while making eye contact with the interviewer. Emphasize your interests that are related to the job you are applying for. Also include in your pitch a hook that will stir up the interest of your interviewer. That way, you should be able to continue the conversation with the interviewer.Elevator-Pitch

In your elevator pitch, there are also things there are also things that you should avoid. Among them is using too many company specific words. Sure you will impress them with your knowledge but you can never be too sure who you are talking to. Another reason why you should write your elevator pitch is for review.

After you have written your speech, read it aloud and evaluate if that speech will not leave the interviewer hanging. The best way to gauge your pitch read your pitch and evaluate if it will generate a reaction of “so what?” Avoid this situation at all times and build a pitch that strong with an emphatic end.

Here is the commonly used formula in creating a good elevator pitch:

  1. Introduce yourself – name only and that’s it.
  2. What field are you in – your specialization.
  3. Your Position – explain your current position and give a brief information about your responsibility.
  4. Why they should hire you – stress the big points about you. Don’t think of generic strengths but instead think of why you are different and better compared to other candidates.
  5. What can you do for them – explain why your skills will be perfect for your company.

Remember that you only have 30 seconds to a minute to impress the interviewer. So write that script, refine and practice it and be prepared to get hired sooner than what you think.