Interview Tips

The MBA Interview

November 25, 2018 MBA Pundit 0

Interviews offer the best chance for schools to learn a lot more about the applicants. Nevertheless, the interviewing policy varies widely among schools.   Some schools interview only those candidates who have passed the initial […]

Interview Tips

My Top Ten Tips and Advice – Interviews

September 5, 2018 MBA Pundit 0

1. Preparation Removes Anxiety If you haven´t prepared for the interview, you aren´t in control of your career. You´re leaving the outcome of the interview to chance. A salesperson prepares for a sales call so […]

Interview Tips

24 HR interview Questions and Answers

June 24, 2018 MBA Pundit 0

All the Human Resource (HR) interviews start with the basic question of tell me something about yourself or introduce yourself. The main motive of this question is to relax the candidate and to remove his […]