Interview Questions (with answers) – Part III

This is the final part of the demo Interview.

Interviewer: All right. Fair enough. So do you play games or have hobbies?

SunitaG: Well I took up dancing as a hobby and went on to pursue graduation in it. I also do some sketching once in a while and these have surely added on to my personality in a positive manner.

Interviewer: So how much do you know about SREI?

SunitaG: Yes I have heard about the company well Sir.

Interviewer: Tell us what you know about our company.

SunitaG: SREI is a non banking financial institution with its core business aligned towards financing infrastructure projects and equipment financing to companies and vendors. SREI has also diversified its activities in finance to mutual funds, insurances and such other areas of investment.

Interviewer: So studied pretty much on our website eh? So what is that you know about infrastructure financing or equipment finance for that matter?

SunitaG: Under infrastructure finance SREI is mainly involved in funding large road and building projects while under equipment finance it is dealing with financing high cost equipments to companies who would prefer leasing to buying those equipments. SREI also funds passive infrastructures to telecom companies like towers, channels etc.

Interviewer: Very Well! Do you read newspapers or magazines?

SunitaG: Not quite often! I am into fiction a little more.

Interviewer: That’s too bad for an MBA student!

SunitaG: I agree Sir but given our hectic schedule it becomes a bit tough but I try to keep myself updated through the internet a bit.

Interviewer: In that case what is the latest development in infrastructure financing in India and where is it heading?

SunitaG: The country’s infrastructure growth pace was good during the last year but it fell down to being significantly slow this year in the 1st quarters owing to the downturn however it took up pace and has grown in the last quarters of 2017-18 quite well contributing to the rise in the index of industrial production which is why infrastructure financing looks bright in future.

Interviewer: Fair enough! So when do we see you joining our office?

SunitaG: As soon as I complete my education. I am available from July 2018.

Interviewer: What is your salary expectation given that you will initially be a management trainee and your job profile? We give you the opportunity to work in various segments of our company and try to put you where you prove to fit the best.

SunitaG: I believe you are the best to judge what a fresher management trainee should be paid given the knowledge base, competency and resourcefulness of the prospect and the amount of work associated with the job at hand.

Interviewer: We can’t offer a management trainee more than Rs.5.5 lakhs pa.

SunitaG: Sir I will give the best I can and assure you hard work. You may discount me on the experience but for dedication towards my work, you can count on me. So keeping in mind the pros and cons and given my competencies and the tasks associated with the job that I apprehend I had arrived at Rs. 7 lakhs.

Interviewer: Isn’t it too high for a management trainee without any experience? There are others who are ready to work with us for a much lower salary so why do you think we should select you and pay more?

SunitaG: Sir, qualities that set me distinct and make me score above the rest are my confidence levels and my deep desire to work with you. That is what I can say; rest is for you to decide.

Interviewer: So you think you fit into a job that is worth 7 lakhs

SunitaG: I assure you that I will prove to be worth every paisa you pay.

Interviewer: As a part of the company’s policy we can’t afford to pay you more than Rs. 6 lakhs per annum. What is your decision?

SunitaG: Well it’s a little less when I come to think of it and remuneration is a matter of concern but an experience at a company like SREI is a value addition to my knowledge acquired so I would like to accept the offer with pleasure.

Interviewer: Congratulations! Then let’s see you around again in the month of July in one of our front chambers.

SunitaG: Thank you so much! I’d rather be obliged to do the same.






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