Top 5 Essay Writing Tips for Students Taking MBA Entrances!

Essay writing section in your MBA entrance can get you sweating if you haven’t prepared well. Before taking the final MBA entrance exam, it is advised to go through the popular topics once, which are the burning in society currently. Secondly, read a lot and imbibe as much as you can. And here is a guide to tell you what is the expectation, and how can they be dealt.

Different students use different skill in writing these essays. While some depend on a good ‘rote’, some better ones depend on good logic. No matter which skill you use. You will need these few things reflected in your writing:

Refrain from Jargon: You might have spent some time in an industry, and used its technical words strongly. But refrain from using those terminologies in your essay. Use accessible language, that every kind of reader is able to decipher. Do not limit you writing to a few listeners and readers. Let is encompass each reader with a fine learning.

Be Interesting and Try to Hook: Your judges do not have all the time in world, to drown themselves in your writing, and fish out the hidden and most interesting thing that you have subtly suggested there. Try to be interesting directly. You can captivate your readers through various ways. Like by sparking off your sentence with: “I am a melting pot for various industries, with my diverse experiences.”  Induce interest in your reader with a good presentation.

Don’t Linger On: You might have found a good an interesting point to relate. But do not linger on those points, or keep on repeating them. Getting too wordy, pulling a thing too far, or repeating a thing over and over is not going to make any good impression on your reader. Rather it might cause you a loss of marks! So read enough so that you do not fall out on ideas.

Overcome Passive and Present Continuous Forms in language: If you are hitched to passive voice expressions, or use present continuous form more often, this can be a big turn down for your reader. A true British English sticks to present perfect, and an active voice! If you don’t have that, try to inculcate it in your writing, by practicing essay writing.

Focus: Not every one of us is a writer. But at least we all have the capability to have a clear focus in mind. And this quality or lacking is evident in your writing. Make sure whatever you write, has a clear focus. Pick up an idea, dwell on it for sometime, and move on to another idea in a synchronized way. Do not pick your ideas randomly and spill them out in a jumble. This will destroy your impression, even if you have given in some good points in your essay.



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