Prepare Interview with a goal to achieve success!

After I was done with my MBA entrance examination, it was the time to prepare for the interview. I always knew that if had to get myself in a good college then I will have to clear the interview. The top ranking colleges in business administration rank the candidates on the basis of percentile and personal interview. It hardly matters if I get good marks in the written examination; I will have to clear the interview and group discussion to secure a seat. Prepare interview in such a way so that you can speak with confidence. Make sure that you dress up in a proper manner before going for the interview as the appearance holds a pivotal role in the interview process. You can also take the help of interview preparation books to know more about the type of questions that are generally asked in the interview. I took the help of online mock interview to prepare myself for the big day. I also read many books on preparation so I could answer the questions with confidence. According to my personal experience, you must speak with confidence. Do not act nervous and jittery at the time of the interview as it lays a bad effect on the interviewer.

The first question they asked was about my aspirations and why did I want to join that institute. I took a deep breath and spoke with confidence. I have already done my research on the institute so I easily answered this question. The interviewers also asked me if I was planning for any other institute.  The third question was regarding my role in the institute and how would I benefit myself by joining the course.

Prepare interviews in such a manner so that the interviewer get impresses at first glance. They do not give second chances hence it is better to go prepared. I also took a note of personal appearance and body language so I do not embarrass myself at the time of the interview. At some point of time, I found myself making my own decisions and this was the reason I opted for the course. Preparing for the interview can be a hectic process as you are not aware about the questions. I worked hard to get myself through the interview. The interview preparation guides and mock test did a lot of good for me hence I was able to clear it with glory.







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