Office parties are a way for the company to let their employees loose once in a while. May it be for Christmas, Thanksgiving or any other company related activities, everyone is invited to have fun and just relax for a day. It is also a good chance to gain friends and know more about your co-workers as you drink and dine with them. Through parties you can also increase your network and connections as you know more and more people in the office.

But watch out, there are times that office parties could be the cause of your downfall. An office party is supposed to be fun but not in a rowdy way. You may be the topic of conversation for a few weeks in the office or worst, you may get kicked out of the company because of your actions.

The key to surviving an office party is to do everything in moderation. More often than not, the company will be serving alcoholic beverages. Even though you’re not that rowdy if you’re drunk, you will look ridiculous to your office mates. On the other hand, you don’t have to stay away from alcoholic beverages. There are some who really do not drink alcoholic drinks but if you’re not one of them, there’s no reason you don’t have to do go out and drink. That also goes the same on food. Being a food hog is never a good thing.

While you’re there, don’t just lurk and sit down in a corner of the party. This is the time to mingle and to office mates or persons from another department. Although it’s a time to relax and have fun, it’s also a chance to know more people in the company and increase your network. Since everyone is a bit loose as they don’t even think of their position, you can even talk to the upper management with ease.

You might even leave them impressed and increase your chances of being promoted to a higher position. You can be sure that everyone also wants to have that chance and office parties is one of those places that you can impress the boss without having to go through a lot of people.

Of course, do not forget about the dress code. This just means that you are a team player and have enough guts to look ridiculous like everybody else. When the party calls for a costume, be sure to arrive with what the company specifies. You don’t want to find yourself ridiculed because you come in for the party with the office attire when everyone else is on their crazy costumes.

Lastly, to have a good impression in the office party, be sure to be there. Although there is a chance that everyone might not miss you, everyone is looking out for everybody. You can be sure that someone will be looking for you and by the next day, you’ll be the subject of office talk just because you didn’t show up.