Meal Interview or Lunch Interview : This modern way of recruitment has been found effective in looking for quality employees. If you are an applicant; a meal type of interview maybe rather hard. There’s really nothing so hard about it that you won’t be able to pass it satisfactorily. The key to succeed in this interview is simply mastering your table manners and mastering the basics of the job you are applying for. This type of interview is done in order to find out your total personality. Therefore preparedness is still the key to success in this interview.

A very important consideration in this interview will be your table manners. The table etiquette you have learned at home and in school should be reviewed and mastered as much as possible. There’s no need to go into specifics here and if there are doubts in your mind, better ask the experts.

Very important considerations are politeness and awareness of ugly actions that could result in a negative impression on you like, talking with your mouth full, chewing with your mouth open or putting your elbows on the table.

You may be confronted with the problem of what to order as soon as your interviewer will let you order what you want. The ideal way here is to follow the lead of your interviewer. Order a dish which is about the same price and the same number of servings as your interviewer. This should make you finish eating at almost the same time he finishes. Avoid ordering crunchy, smelly or messy dishes. Your interview should not be disturbed by the sound of crunchiness or the smell or and the mess.

You have to converse but at the same time you have to eat. Don’t be too concerned on what you will say that you don’t eat anymore. Relax and be in control of both activities. Ask some questions so that you will really get to know about your job and the company. This should also allow you to eat while he answers your questions.

At the end of the meal and the interview don’t offer to pay for the meal. It is not expected of you and so there is no need to do that. At this point you should reiterate your interest in the job and your willingness to join the company. Never ask for a doggy bag no matter how delicious the might be. It is not proper for this kind of setting. As soon as you have truly finished be sure to say thank you, and how you really enjoyed your meal. Be very gracious. A handshake is also recommended. Last but not the least be sure to follow it up the next morning with a “Thank You” letter.

This type of interview is usually intended for choice positions or high level jobs. You wouldn’t apply for this if you belong to the low level workers. Another point is that you were invited because of a certain interest of the company in you. So try to keep up with their expectation by being courteous, well mannered and really prepared for this.