Tips to crack your first interview!

Most articles like this will tell you what to do during an interview to form a good impression on your hopefully future employer. Since every other “advice guru” has been there, done that and won a t-shirt too, we’ve decided to take this opportunity to enlighten you all on a few things you must NOT do during an interview.

First things first, let’s talk appearance. Under no circumstance should you EVER show up for an interview wearing jeans and flip-flops, even if the company maintains a casual dress code. Do your research, find out what kind of environment the office maintains, through their website or by contacting their HR department, and dress accordingly. All you men make sure your nails are clipped short, haircut and combed neatly and make sure you apply aftershave because no one likes a smelly Tom cat. As for you women, make sure you get a neat pedicure done. Avoid showing up with long, talon like nails, too much make-up and messy hair.  “Dressing down” will give the interviewer the impression that you simply do not care enough about the job.

Number two: never forget to update your resume. We are assuming here that you are going to remember to take it for the interview- we know you are that smart.  It is very important to type out all your accomplishments and qualifications in a sequential, concise manner. You can get the correct format for a resume off our website or other internet resources too.

Remembering what you have written in your resume is equally important; lies are annoying, quickly made up so don’t put them in because chances are you’ll forget them pretty soon. Interviewers might often ask you about a particular incident you have mentioned in your resume, you should know at all times what they are talking about!

Next, try not being too chummy with your interviewer. There is a fine line between developing a good rapport with your interviewer and becoming too familiar. Make sure you do not cross it. Be courteous; address them by their given name, unless directed otherwise. You should come across as a serious and responsible employee. Don’t worry you’ll have plenty of time to be nominated as company clown after you get the job!

Do not walk into a job interview not knowing anything about the company. Do a little background check and be armed with information about the company and the post you applied for. This will show the interviewer that you are aware about the company’s various interests and also know what your post requires of you. You do not want to be the person who, when asked as to who the company’s CEO is, does not know.

And finally, never ever ARRIVE LATE! This is the biggest “no-no” of interview etiquette. Arriving late shows bad form and gives the interviewer to think that their time is not important to you. You want them to see you as a dependable person to have as an employee and your tardiness will set you back. Start early enough to account for unexpected delays and traffic jams so as to reach the office on or before time. In this case “better late than never” is definitely not better. If you do run into trouble on the way, like (god forbid) an accident or something, be sure to call the company and let them know. That way they will know that you were not intentionally late for the interview. When you do reach, start off by apologising for your tardiness and briefly explain the reasons for it.

So do keep in mind these tips when next going for a job interview and give it your best shot! Good luck







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