Myths about IIM Interviews

After the conduction of CAT exam, the shortlisted candidates are called for the WAT and PI by the respective IIMs. IIM interviews are said to be very comprehensive and aim to comprehend the overall competency of a candidate thoroughly.

Though the interview is conducted to understand whether candidates fits into the institute, there are various myths surrounding the IIM interviews, which, if followed blindly, might reduce the chances of selection.

Some of the most prevalent IIM interview myths are given here and are debunked.

  • Myth 1: One must tweak the profile in a way that it pleases the interviewer

IIMs do not look for stereotypes. They are for the most part unique in relation to each other.

At any extraordinary learning organization, especially at IIM’s and other top Business Schools, a student gains as much from the class lectures, as from his classmates. Furthermore, this is made conceivable in light of the fact that every student brings their own particular kind of a viewpoint, their insight and thoughts, so everyone gets the advantage of everybody’s unique ideas.

To this end, IIM’s additionally endeavor to make a diverse class every year with students from various backgrounds while maintaining the academic standards.

  • Myth 2 : One must mug up the subject as much as possible as that is what IIMs look for.

An interview is not about the interviewer attempting to discover the subjects you don’t have a clue about. Or maybe it is the polar opposite. The board just needs to make sure that you know sensibly well, those subjects that you claim to know by method for what all is guaranteed in your CV/ Application frame.

  • Myth 3: IIMs prefer engineers in comparison to other graduates

The intent of the IIMs is always to create as much diversity in a class as possible, hence, this does not hold true that it is only the engineers that they are looking out for.

Still, a basic level of Quantitative Aptitude and logical understanding is one of the most important qualities of today’s managers.

These were the most common myths that IIM interviews have. It is important to not believe in these myths and prepare for the interview using personalized strategies. IIMs will always judge the capabilities of an individual and not stick with these aforementioned stereotypes.

MBA aspirants who are preparing for CAT 2018 are suggested to start preparing early and get acquainted with the current affairs regularly. The CAT might not have a general awareness section but, they are very crucial during the interviews.

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