Interview, Best possible things you could do before an interview

The best possible way to approach a question would be by following these steps:

  • Describe your education and skills which includes analytical skills or the level of commitment you have for your tasks assigned.
  • Then move on to you abilities or qualities such as: Quick learning ability and how it can be related to the job you are interviewed for.
  • Interviewers like to make the interview shorter and sharper so emphasizing the important parts and not expanding upon a topic is preferred. This includes mentioning of the most relevant aspects of your background, experiences and past accomplishments.
  • Answering should be in an humble way and with proper emphasis on the topics you are confident on.

So a general statement to start-up with can be like:

“ Good Morning Sir/Madam, I am a creative individual and try to seek out the best available inputs from the environment I am in which could help me understand people better and build upon a long-lasting relationship”.






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