Tips and tricks to crack an interview, Preparation for interview

  • Do not say the amount that you expects from the recruiting company a fresher can she can simply say that as per the industry standard or as you are new to the industry so do not have the idea etc…
  • Before sitting for the interview you shall have prior knowledge of the organisation you are willing to join. It might be about the industry of the organization, their product or any news about the company.
  • Never show that you are smarter than the interviewer.
  • Do not answer more than required and reply only to the questions asked.
  • When the interviewer asks you about your weakness do not say that you do not have any because there is no person in this world who is absolutely perfect and it would turn out to be a lie and put forward a bad impression upon the recruiters.
  • If the interviewer asks you whether you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask the question. One should be able to ask 2-3 good questions and therefore make a good impression on the interviewer.
  • You should not provide all the personal information about yourself until you get the job.
  • Make sure that whatever you reply to the panel of interviewers is natural and not memorized. It should never look that you have mocked up the answer.
  • in an interview when one is asked about the reason of leaving the previous job never say about the bad experiences or something like they did not offer a handsome package.
  • Lastly always try to leave an impression on the recruiters, it could be punctuality, dressing sense, respect or friendliness (but do not show too much)






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